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BP Coke is part of one of the world’s leading integrated energy companies.  BP Coke markets over 1.5 million tons of calcined coke to the aluminium industry produced primarily from refineries in Europe and North America and additionally produces another 2 million tons of green coke.



Pyrotek is the leading international supplier of consumable goods for the aluminium industry. Our products and solutions are used globally across industries such as foundry, smelters, casthouse glass, noise control, automotive, aerospace, transportation and high-tech manufacturing. 
Privately owned since 1956, we offer strategic manufacturing and R&D engineering centres around the world with dependable local support in more than 35 countries. Complete end-to-end expertise in metal processes, performance improving technical solutions, integrated systems design and consulting services for customers.


R&D Carbon 

R&D Carbon (RDC) is an independent supplier of know-how, technical services and test equipment in the field of carbon technology. With its roots going back to 1966 as the research centre of Alusuisse, R&D Carbon was founded in 1986. The multi-disciplinary and laterally thinking team serves the global aluminium, petroleum coke, pitch and electrode industries.