Conference Theme & Tentative Programme

The theme of the 12th Australasian Aluminium Smelting Technology Conference is Sustainable and Responsible Aluminium Production Growth

Similar to the past, the program will have a strong focus on discussion sessions led by industry specialists, and complimented by invited keynote presentations and appropriate technical contributions. The planned session topics include:

  • Energy management and sustainability

    • Flexible power usage

    • CO2 footprint

    • Transient and permanent energy recovery for minimising net wastage of energy

    • Anode preheat - potential benefits and challenges

    • Anode current monitoring - methods and benefits

    • Minimising voltage drop - anodic and cathodic

    • Incorporating sustainability into production chain

  • Environmental management

    • Minimising anode carbon consumption - production, design and operation practice

    • Minimising greenhouse gas co-evolution

    • Fluoride emissions and dry scrubbing

    • Maximising cell life to minimise solid waste accumulation

  • Automation and cell control

    • Robotics and the future of work practices

    • Sensible use of big data

    • Advances in cell diagnostics

  • Cell design issue and impact on performance

    • Challenges with larger cell design

    • Representative monitoring of conditions - managing spatial variations

    • Improvements to alumina delivery and feeding system

    • Optimising cathode blocks and collector bars - shape, materials and heat balance

    • Alternative materials and design

  • Materials supply and specifications

    • Trends in quality and options for accommodating variations in petroleum cokes

    • Options to overcome the shortage of coal tar pitch

    • Optimising smelter grade alumina