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simonsen a/s

simonsen a/s is a fully privately owned family company, established in 1984 by our founder Mr. Jorgen Simonsen, specializing in supplying high quality relining materials for the global industry. The company is now owned and run by the two sons of Jorgen Simonsen: Morten Simonsen (Managing Director) and Klaus Simonsen (Technical Director). 


Our company is as such 34 years old, but has a history in aluminium that goes back 50 years due to the relationship from Mr. Jorgen Simonsen and the industry. Our company has 16 employees, handling sales, shipping, technical support and finances. 


We specialize in supplying a full package of relining materials for the electrolytic cells for all global technologies and smelters. Our portfolio consists of:

  • Cathode carbon blocks

  • Refractory barrier bricks

  • Sidewall SiC and carbon

  • SiC mortar

  • Insulation bricks and boards

We are not producers but an exclusive sales office for some of the largest and most well renowned producers for the aluminium industry globally. We focus on quality and technical support and superb service. We are not a trading company, but exclusively represent one producer per product and during a span of many years develop best materials for the industry.